uring the midday time period, which will span two hours each day, there will be an hour set aside for things that will be of interest to most conference

participants. Three of these five slots will be used for the Social & Networking activities, and for the decision on the venue of Geostats2024. The remaining two midday time slots are available for one-hour presentations of general interest to most conference participants. One of these will be the same  kind of information session that has been well attended at past meetings, the how-to discussion on getting papers published.

Suggestions for what to do with the last remaining midday time slot are welcome, and can be submitted through an e-mail to the Questions mailbox. Suitable topics need to be covered quickly, within an hour, be of general interest to conference participants, and not be as dry as day-old toast.

The awkwardness of time-zone differences make it difficult for this online conference to offer half-day or one-day short courses on the weekend before the conference, as has sometimes been done in the past. But the conference can promote awareness of geostatistics short courses being offered by Sponsors.