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he pre-conference focus is on high-quality presentations for the week of the live conference. Papers are not required, but those who want to

expand on their original abstract, either with an extended abstract or a full paper, will have until October 1st to submit the version that will appear in the printed proceedings of the conference. Authors of full papers will receive review comments by November 1st and will have until December 1st to submit their final paper. The published version of the conference proceedings will be available in the Spring of 2022.

Once registered, presenters will be given instructions on how to upload their presentations to Google Drive. Final presentations need to be uploaded by July 4th; this will allow organizers time to group the presentations into discussion sessions with a similar technical focus. Since the final sessions will be determined on July 4th, there's no pressure; if you decide at the 11th hour that the presentation you wanted to give simply isn't as good as you'd like it to be, then don't upload anything. This can be a last-minute decision on your part; it will not affect the organization of the live conference.

Conference participants will receive an index of all the presentations, searchable by keywords, on July 6th. In the days before the live conference, anyone who registered will be able to view the presentations they're interested in, make comments and ask questions, which will go to the presenters by e-mail.

Presenters can participate in the live technical session in which their presentation is being discussed or, if the time-zone differences make that difficult, they can submit additional commentary and their answers to questions to the chair of their session, one day before the scheduled session.

Two technical discussion sessions will be held in the morning, and two more in the afternoon of the week of July 12th to 16th. These will be scheduled to accommodate, as best as possible, the time preferences of the presenters. Each discussion session will be an hour long and, in most cases, will include discussion of five presentations. The presentations will not be repeated during the live conference; the assumption will be that anyone interested in a particular paper will already have viewed the presentation. This will allow for more time in each live session for presenters to answer questions and for the audience to engage in discussion about the group of papers in that session.

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