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Where Next?

ince 1975, the enduring tradition of the Geostatistics Congresses has been that the people who participate at each conference choose the venue for the next

meeting, four years later. Anyone who is interested in hosting the next meeting should send an email to the Questions mailbox, letting us know to add you to the list of willing hosts, each of whom will have 10 minutes, midday on the Thursday of the live conference, to pitch their city as the Greatest Place on the Planet to Have a Geostatistics Congress.

Currently, groups from Portugal and Italy have confirmed that they are going to make bids to be the next host. Groups in at least three other countries are also considering the possibility, but have not yet decided. They (and anyone else who's hiding in the bushes) have until the Thursday session to decide if they want to throw their hat in the ring.

Each registered participant will be able to cast one vote for the next venue, using a ballot sent by e-mail to the address you're using for the conference. Mail-in ballots! ... they worked so well in the last US election!!

Ballots will be e-mailed shortly after the Thursday after pitch session is complete. Votes will be counted at noon on Friday, shortly before the closing session.

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