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irst held in 1975 in Frascati, Italy, the International Geostatistics Congress has become the leading scientific forum for the theory and practice of geostatistics.

The eleventh in the series was originally planned for the summer of 2020, in Toronto. But pandemics have a way of derailing the best laid plans of mice and men ... and so we find ourselves on "Plan B": a fully online conference held this summer, from July 12th through the 16th, 2021.

Geostats1975 - Frascati.png
Geostats1992 - Troia.png
Geostats1988 - Avignon.png
Geostats1983 - Lake Tahoe.png
Geostats1996 - Wollongong.png
Geostats2008 - Santiago.png
Geostats2004 - Banff.png
Geostats2000 - Cape Town.png
Geostats2016 - Valencia.png
Geostats2012 - Oslo.png
Geostats2021 - Toronto.png
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